DermoFuture Brightening serum with vitamin C

DermoFuture Brightening serum with vitamin C

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Extremely effective and innovative serum designed for all skin types, especially dull and tired. Thanks to the content of specially selected ingredients, it effectively brightens, evens the color and gives the skin a healthy glow. The power of active ingredients such as bearberry, hyaluronic acid, Indian mulberry (Noni), oil from milk thistle seeds, horse chestnut extract, arbutin, has antioxidant, strengthening, regenerating and anti-aging properties. Thanks to the content of the most durable form of vitamin C, all skin unevenness are perfectly smoothed also after sun and acne discoloration. The content of cotton oil and protein from wheat germ effectively softens, rebuilds and moisturizes the skin, preventing dehydration. All it takes is a few drops of serum to regain vitality, radiant glow and youthful appearance. The optimal content of precious ingredients means that the serum inhibits the formation of new discolorations on the skin, and provides effective protection against the negative effects of the environment on a daily basis.

Apply a small amount of the serum to cleansed and toned skin of the face, neck and cleavage. Then apply the cream to the still moist serum. Use as part of daily care. Serum recommended for all skin types, for the night.

• brightens discoloration, evens out color
• has antioxidant and strengthening properties

  • regenerates and rejuvenates