René was formed with the goal to provide the finest, most premium quality products directly to the consumers. Today, we have over 7 well known EU approved companies on board from all across Europe with more coming in the future. Our aim is to become a global organization, recognized as both a domestic and internationally cohesive healthcare and pharmaceutical company via practicing our core values of ‘Innovation, Quality Assurance & Safety’.

René has a wide and diverse beauty products range which have been carefully chosen for various market segments ranging from high-end to economical products ranges. Since René has a strong pharmaceutical background, our aim is to choose not only the highest quality products but also ones that provide long term visible results in the safest and most effective way possible.

René’s story began when our CEO attended CPHI, which is an exclusive pharmaceutical event for raw materials, where DERMASTIR caught his attention. DERMASTIR is a premium luxury skincare brand owned by Alta Care Laboratories, a reputable Pharmaceutical and Cosmeceutical manufacturing company based in France. Alta Care laboratories also owns an award-winning beauty spa in Italy. DERMASTIR products proved to be an instant hit culminating in an offer from Alta Care Laboratories for René to open an aesthetic clinic in Lahore in collaboration with DERMASTIR Italy.

Schazoo SPL

Our story began back in 1951 with our parent company ‘The Schazoo Pharmaceutical Laboratories (PVT) Ltd’ - the brainchild of our 1st generation ancestors, who then passed down their passion to excel and innovate to future generations. As the company’s motto was always to experiment and innovate, in 2016 the 4th generation came forward and the company came up with a subsidiary brand, “René by Schazoo SPL”. René, meaning ‘reborn’ in French and ‘reindeer’ in Polish. The reindeer has always been in our parent company’s logo, and now that we have branched out into fashion and beauty, we want our customers to know that Schazoo has been reborn by introducing René.

Throughout the history of Schazoo the greatest resource has been its people. Our shared sense of purpose and common values from the foundation of an enduring commitment to make every new Schazoo product best in its class. We understand, to be a successful company we must work together, frequently transcending organizational boundaries to meet the changing needs of our customers. Today SPL builds on the history and traditions of more than fifty years. It draws its strength from the people who united are creating a new company unlike anything the industry has seen before.