CoEnzyme Q10 Twisters

CoEnzyme Q10 Twisters

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Dermastir CoEnzyme Q10 Twisters supply the necessary oxygen to the cells, which will reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Dermastir CoEnzyme Q10 Twisters are a single-dose serum that stimulate the natural defenses of the skin against aging and free radicals. CoEnzyme Q10 benefits the skin by supplying the cells with oxygen which is important also for the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines. Dermastir Twisters with CoQ10 boost collagen and elastin production and for this reason they are recommended for dehydrated skin.

  • Natural protection against aging
  • Monodose serum
  • Boosts the release of oxygen in the cells
  • Involved in the regeneration of Vitamin E
  • Reduces free radical damage


Twist the top of the twister in order to open it. Then apply the serum on the face and wait until it is fully absorbed. Then you can proceed with the application of your daily skincare.

1 Jar x 50 Twisters