Dermastir is a skincare line specialized in Pre- & Post-Op products, used by skin specialists, recommended for home use. Dermastir collection offers a skincare ritual that has a radical effect on various signs of aging and was inspired by medical aesthetic treatments. It has a smoothing effect on wrinkles, strengthens the skin, defines face contours, has a toning and retexturizing effect.
DermoFuture Precision is a professional Polish brand promoting cosmetic products combining aesthetic medicine and cosmetology. We cooperate with creative technologists and cosmetologists who, based on the current trends, prepare product recipes. In our products, we combine nature with modern technology. Ingredients are selected to give you the best results in a short time. We make our products for a joy and pleasure to use, while satisfying the needs of the skin.
help pharmaceuticals is a company that is specialized and devoted in the area of research, development, manufacturing and commercializing of top quality pharmaceuticals products since 1971.
The Yaluronica® range of products includes cosmetic textiles whose effectiveness has been tested. One example is the exclusive Pyjamas with hyaluronic acid, which moisturises the skin and helps reduce thigh and skin circumference while you are sleeping.
Verona Products Professional is a multi-brand cosmetics company with Polish capital. Trusted among customers both from Poland and from more than 60 other countries. Their mission is to create cosmetics that our customers need.